Leadership and Team Training

Team Building

Leadership and Team Training

Today, it is more important then ever to develop your people. They are your greatest competitive advantage.

Focus GroupsWe offer several targeted training programs to meet your specific needs. These include:


Team Development:

  • Patrick Lencioni – 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Building Strong Foundations
  • The Human Connection – Appreciating Differences – Myers Briggs Team Development Program

Additional Skill Building Programs

In addition to broadly customized services, Continuum Consulting over the years has honed a number of highly successful training events. These can be provided for your organization with slight adaptation for targeted training needs, and are easily customized for leaders at varying levels within your team. Many are built on modules which can be selected from a menu of effective programs based on the approach you think best suits your audience.

The Leadership Essentials Series

One of Continuum’s most widely used and highly proven programs, The Leadership Essentials Series is designed for emerging leaders – supervisors and managers – who seek higher-level skills and better tools to deal with their teams, colleagues and clients. A modular series that can be mixed-and-matched and also individualized, each topic module is designed to be one half to one full day. Modules in this series include:

  • Effective Communication
  • The Leader’s Guide to Performance Coaching
  • Managing Change & Ambiguity
  • Smooth Conflict Management
  • Appreciating Diversity
  • Team Development & Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Organizing Your Work and Time
  • Unleash Your Creativity!
  • Advanced Relationship Enhancement: Influence, Authority, Synergy, Trust
  • Delegating for Results
  • Myers-Briggs – The Human Connection and “In The Grip” Dealing with Stress
  • Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Individual Coaching for participants of the program

The Leadership Essentials Series for Call Centers & Customer Operations

This program was born when several client organizations asked Continuum to re-create The Leadership Essentials Series geared toward toolsets and skill building for specialists who supervise or manage call centers, or who otherwise deal heavily with consumer/customer operations. Also a modular series, this program includes the elements outlined in the original Leadership Essential Series, plus the following:

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  • Making the Right Impression: Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Specialized Training Groups
  • Conflict Resolution: Maintaining Professional Conduct in High Stress Scenarios
  • Legalities of Call Center Operations (customized in conjunction with your organization in order to identify and impart industry-specific regulations)
  • Ethics / Core Values for Client-Facing Groups
  • Building Trust in High Stress Environments

Collaborative Leadership Programs
Preparing Today to Better Lead Tomorrow

What do Daniel Pink, Meg Wheatley, Peter Block, Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge have in common? They all help us stretch our idea of leadership, and what is needed to succeed in the 21st Century.

Let’s face it: We need a new way of doing things if we are going to thrive in today’s changing world!

We know you face rapid change, complex issues, generational diversity, new technologies and crumbling structures. Traditional leadership skills and competencies serve as a great foundation, yet the issues and opportunities popping up today represent new territory for all of us. Meeting these challenges head on is critical to the success of your organization.

We offer three ways you can explore this topic:

  • Collaborative Leadership Retreat – Includes all three components
  • Authentic Leadership Program
  • Leadership For The 21st Century – What is the world calling for today? FutureWave PossibilityNOW! event.

The Collaborative Leadership Retreat

Get ready for the future! This retreat focuses on building leaders today so they are prepared to lead their people and organizations through these uncharted waters we now face.

1. Understand the new leadership territory – What Is The World Calling For Today?

  • Create a learning community where people can be honest with each other and with themselves about their dreams and challenges and the support they need.
  • Explore cutting-edge thought around leadership today. What are the new ideas, behaviors and skills that will be needed to lead our people and organizations forward in the future?
  • Talk about how these new ideas inform the way we work together, problem solve and get work done.

2. It always starts with you – Authentic Leadership – Get yourself ready to meet the new leadership challenges!

  • Understand the principles of authentic leadership and leading with integrity. A lot is asked of leaders today. As a leader, you must be able to have the inner strength to hold true to your convictions, adapt as needs change and navigate through ambiguity. To do this effectively requires that a person lead from their core.
  • Explore what is important to you. What do you value most? What do you want your legacy to be? Are you in alignment with yourself; meaning, would people know what is most important to you by observing the way you spend your time, your talent and your money?
  • Develop and articulate your personal leadership vision – Every organization needs a strong, compelling vision that acts like a north star, providing the purpose and direction for an organization to aspire to. Leaders need to discover, articulate and have the courage to step into their own vision.
  • Recognize indicators of being in or out of leadership flow – the faster you can adjust, the more successful you will be.
  • Overcome challenges and leverage personal support systems for leadership success.
  • Design an action plan to help you step into this leadership vision. You leave the Collaborative Leadership event with your next best steps to activate your vision.

From this POWERFUL Position of Personal Alignment – You Will Be Ready To Take On the Leadership Challenges Of Today

3. Bring It Home – Now What? – Stepping Up To The Challenge

  • How do these discussions inform what you do when you leave here?
  • What new themes and trends do you see emerging?
  • How do you incorporate this new knowledge into your life and organization?
  • How do you apply these new concepts back at the workplace?
  • How can we lead more collaboratively?
  • What does it mean to tap into our intuitive intelligence?

We will close the retreat with discussion and action planning for how to bring this new knowledge back to your organization and your own continued leadership development.

So, how can you bring a Collaborative Leadership Program to your organization?
Option One: Collaborative Leadership Retreat

This option includes all three phases of the Collaborative Leadership Program including:

  • Leadership for the 21st Century – What is the world calling for today?
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Stepping Up To The Challenge

This highly experiential program is facilitated in a 2½-day off-site retreat format
Option Two – Authentic Leadership Program

This option includes the second phase of the Collaborative Leadership Program and will focus on self-discovery, developing individual vision, mission, values and leading from the core.

This class is offered as a 1- to 1½-day class and can be held onsite or in a retreat format.

Option Three – Leadership For The 21st Century – What is the world calling for today

Stress Management

What stresses you? What stresses your people?
Chances are, they’re coming from the same or similar causes. We’re not alone in the things that trouble us, that shake us, that put the “grind” in daily activities.

Deadlines, workload, the need to do more with fewer resources, challenging communication, rising frustrations, others’ expectations, strained relationships. Numerous research studies have laid out the dangers of allowing stress to build, or of carrying it too long. Yet, in the current business and economic climate, how can we avoid it?

When stressors become constant rather than occasional, even if you or your people are not experiencing “meltdown,” there are efficiency losses that grow exponentially the longer the stressors remain. So, what to do? We have to find better methods of dealing with stress, in order to keep productivity high and avoid widespread burnout.

At Continuum, we understand. After all, we’ve spent years listening to corporate challenges. So, we bring you RELIEF!

We’ve developed a number of stress reduction programs designed to be custom tailored for a group’s specific needs.

We begin with “Stress Assess” – an analysis of individual and team dynamics to identify your unique combination of stress factors, and the harmful behaviors and stress responses present in your environment.
Next, we offer a range of stress management tools and skill-building methods to help you and your people develop creative and constructive ways of dealing with daily pressures. These options, which we will tailor to fit your environment, include:

  • Lunch-and-Learn series for extended learning and habit retraining, for maximum group impact
  • Small-or large-format classes or webinars, for groups or multiple locations
  • Targeted coaching for HiPo/HiPro employees whose impact on others is widespread
  • Performance coaching for individuals whose stress symptoms are affecting work relationships or output
  • Executive coaching to ensure leadership methods that keep stress levels healthy from the top down.

During our Lunch-and-Learn or group classes we provide tools and methods to identify and minimize stressors, to understand stress triggers and heighten awareness of rising stress levels in ourselves and our colleagues. Next we focus on ways of shifting reactions, creating new behaviors, tips on communicating through stress, and how to better manage relationships before, during and after periods of stress. Additionally, we offer “Stress Alert!” techniques to deal with heightened stress reactions in the moment.

Our Stress Management Coaching programs provide a tailored approach of assessing and customizing tools based in real-time feedback for current scenarios.

Our coaching clients receive the benefit of intensive behavioral retraining in the context of their actual daily functions. Common outcomes include improved communication, enhanced workplace relationships, greater emotional intelligence, improved sense of accountability and the ability to meet deadlines and manage daily activities.

You will find that the tools and methods you learn in Continuum’s Stress Management Programs will help your people remain calm, engaged and effective during daily activities. And they are tools you will use in every facet of your life, for years to come.