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Continuum congratulates Civica on its groundbreaking work in transforming the manufacture and distribution of insulin to make it more affordable and available to the many who need it.

Civica, a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company founded in 2018 to make quality generic medicines accessible and affordable to everyone, provides a clear example of innovating solutions to big challenges through deep levels of collaboration and partnership.

Continuum has provided leadership team and organizational development support to Civica for the past couple of years and is proud to be on board with their commitment to focusing the world of healthcare on always doing what is in the best interest of patients.

At Continuum, we are passionate about partnering with those doing good in the world and equipping them to do it better. See our website for more about our client commitments and how we can partner with you.

Press Release: March 3, 2022     

“Civica, Inc. (Civica, Civica Rx) today announced plans to manufacture and distribute insulins that, once approved, will be available to people with diabetes at significantly lower prices than insulins currently on the market. The availability of affordable insulins will benefit people with diabetes who have been forced to choose between life sustaining medicines and living expenses, particularly those uninsured or underinsured who often pay the most out of pocket for their medications.

Civica, along with CivicaScript and The Civica Foundation, is collaborating on this effort with partners that represent nearly every corner of the diabetes ecosystem, including Arnold Ventures, Beyond Type 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and 12 independent BCBS companies (Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Hawaii, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, Blue Cross of Idaho, Blue Shield of California, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Florida Blue, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Independence Blue Cross), Gary and Mary West Foundation, Glen Tullman Family Foundation, Intermountain Healthcare, JDRF, Kaiser Permanente, Peterson Center on Healthcare, Providence, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, Transcarent and Trinity Health.“

Why is this work on insulin so important?

“Diabetes is arguably America’s most expensive chronic condition, and it is heartbreaking that millions of people are rationing their care and putting their lives at risk because they can no longer afford insulin,” said Dan Liljenquist, Board Chair of Civica and the innovator behind Civica’s non-profit business model. “Through mission-driven partnerships, we are choosing to create a new market reality where no one is forced to ration essential diabetes medications.”

Martin VanTrieste, President and Chief Executive Officer of Civica Rx, added, “More than 8 million Americans rely on insulin to live, but many can’t afford to take the amount they need because of the historically high and prohibitive cost of insulin. We know that to really solve for the insulin cost and access challenges so many Americans face, we need a process – from manufacturing to setting a transparent price – that ultimately lowers the cost of the drug for those living with diabetes. In that spirit, we will ensure patients know where Civica’s low-cost insulin is available.”

For those of you who may have missed the State of the Union address last week, here’s a quick clip [1:43 minutes] with President Biden discussing the harsh impact of normal insulin costs on families.

Find Out More about Civica and its work

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Wendy White and Lisa Marie Main, Continuum Co-founders