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About Continuum Consulting

At Continuum, we are passionate about partnering with people doing good in the world and equipping them to do it better!

We have been in the consulting business for over 25 years. We stay in business because we get the results our clients are looking for.

Continuum Consulting Services – it’s all about the PEOPLE 

All projects, needs, goals, and initiatives are about change because its moving the business from current state to future state, which requires people to transform how they deliver for the business.  Continuum Consultants serve as your strategic business partners to assess your needs and co-create a customized plan for how your people are accelerating your business results.

CCS is known for making mundane business tasks productive, meaningful and enjoyable for all involved.  9 out of 10 clients proclaim CCS interactions exceed their expectations particularly because:

  • the level of engagement is so high and fun
  • there is less resistance and more ownership of change and transformation
  • their people feel valued and fulfilled while working hard together to drive results
  • so much potential is activated through holistic, strength-based approaches and time-tested, innovative methods

Organizational DevelopmentWhat differentiates us from other consultants, coaches and facilitators is that we are possibility and strength-based focused, often using experiential, hands on learning, techniques to enhance our consulting services. We have found this approach to be most effective at:

  • Guiding people and organizations through the stages of change
  • Driving solutions and results
  • Motivating and activating people
  • Tapping the potential of individuals and the organization
  • Emphasizing strengths and assets
  • Increasing morale and motivation
  • Building strong relationships

Operating Principles

Innovators in Leadership, Team and Organizational Development

To partner with people doing good work in the world, and equip them do it better.

Provide transformational consulting services that inspire and support our client’s ability to thrive in times of transition. By aligning action and core purpose, our clients foster collaborative relationships, discover innovative solutions and build flexibility to embrace change.

Guiding Principles

  • We “walk our talk,” striving to bring integrity, honesty and authenticity to our business and interpersonal interactions.
  • We believe the establishment of functional and effective relationships is key to building peace, balance and harmony in our world.
  • We build collaborative working relationships with clients, associates and colleagues.
  • We operate under the maxim, “People do not care how much we know, until they know how much we care.” Therefore, we seek to understand our clients’ needs before providing services.
  • We custom design our programs to honor the uniqueness of each client.
  • We are committed to sustainable results.
  • We believe that a “Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit” – measures success.
  • We believe our goals of financial viability, responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship are mutually sustaining.

Our Approach

It all starts with a conversation. We seek to understand your unique needs and the outcomes you want to achieve, and then follow the Continuum 5D Process to design a solution that will meet the agreed upon objectives.

How We Do Business – Operating Norms

  • We seek to understand our client’s unique needs.
  • We honor and respect our client’s knowledge and perspectives, and partner on solutions that will move the individual, team and organization toward the desired results.
  • We work from a “strength-based” model of service delivery and focus on the desired outcomes and strategies to achieve results.
  • Our goal is to build our client’s competencies, and so “work ourselves out of a job” with each client.
  • Trust, integrity and honest communication are paramount to the way we do business.