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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

“We envision a world where love rules.”

Continuum’s non-profit extension aiming to bring forth a world where Love Rules using mini-grants to fund Give Back dreams.

What is Let’s Choose Love?

Continuum Co-Founder, Wendy B. White, first had the idea for Let’s Choose Love in 2020 as an answer to turning on the news and being faced with the barrage of overwhelming stories about the pandemic, climate change, war, political posturing, unemployment, escalating divides, fake news, and more. She felt there must be another way. A way that if we choose to break through our fear and come together to put forth new visions, new paradigms and new solutions that are inspired by love and fuel passionate action, we can make the difference. 

LCL Mini-Grants

As part of Continuum’s dedication to the triple bottom line, Wendy and other co-founder Lisa Main commit to donating 5% of their gross sales to their give back efforts. A portion of these go to support Let’s Choose Love Mini-Grants. Mini Grant awards range from $500-$1000 and are offered to individuals ages 16-30 who have a great idea or project that is centered on extending their love and making a positive impact. If you feel moved to contribute to your community – whether through a passion for animals, children, eradicating hunger, sharing art etc. – but are facing barriers to make them happen, they are for you. The mini grants come with not only the funds, but also an assigned consultant who can coach you through your project.

LCL Full Grants – Coming Soon

LCL Full Grants have a similar criteria to the Mini-Grants, but awards will range from $1000 – $5000 and groups of people can apply. There is no age criteria. If you have a team, group or organization who have a great idea for a project that extends love into the world, please apply! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to notified when applications are live.

Continuum founders Wendy and Lisa stand with Ted Swartzbaugh of Tarpestry. Ted is a mini-grant recipient who helped plan a river clean up in Western North Carolina.