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Continuum’s Give Back Team

Khatira Darvesh (she/her)

As an Afghan refugee, who grew up in developing countries, Khatira envisions a world where children like her are not forced to leave their homes and communities due to conflict, poverty or other circumstances outside of their control. With this vision and a master’s degree in International Development, she has been supporting vulnerable communities around the world through her work with international non-profits and humanitarian aid organizations. Khatira brings her experience and dedication to creating a more equitable world to the Let’s Choose Love movement as a grant facilitator and storyteller.

Khatira is passionate about bottom-up development where positive change is driven by local communities. She is a feminist-in-progress and an advocate for equity. Khatira is extremely excited to be a part of and support the Let’s Choose Love community.

Living her adult life in the DMV area, Khatira loves to hike the Shenandoah Valley in her free time, as well as engage in aerial sports and travel internationally as much as possible.

Hallie Venaglia (she/her)

Hallie Venaglia is part of the Let’s Choose Love Give Back team. Hallie brings her experience supporting non-profits, community-based organizations, and educational institutions to the Let’s Choose Love movement as a grant facilitator, storyteller, and innovator.

Hallie is passionate about enhancing community connections and offers her background in education, community organization and creativity skills to support Let’s Choose Love grant recipients with elevating their stories of how they impact their communities.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Hallie spends much of her time farming on a small biodynamic farm and exploring the mountains on her bike.


We pride ourselves on the ability to bring together the best consulting teams to serve our client’s needs. For specialized and large-scale initiatives, we draw on the incredible talent of three very special alliances.

  • Experiential Training and Development Alliance
  • North America Keystone Conversations – Organizational Constellation Community of Practice
  • Appreciative Inquiry Consulting Network

Honoring Our Roots

Continuum would not be where it is today without the gifts, expertise and collaboration of three incredibly talented people.

Avery Henderson

Avery Henderson (December 2, 1941 - June 19, 2020) edutainer, humorist, motivational speaker and co-founder of RETREATS Inc. Avery had an infectious spirit and lived his life with passion and an unending commitment to servant leadership. We learned a lot together during our first business venture that is foundational to Continuum’s success today. The world is a better place because of Avery.

Carol Moore

It all began in the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation conference room on Wade Ave. Lisa, Wendy and Carol were tackling the challenge of how to build the recreation team and train summer staff. We hired an expert and then turned to each other and said, “We can do that!” The rest is history.

Lisa Main and Wendy White went on to build RETREATS INC, our first company, and Carol stayed with the City of Raleigh spearheading training and organizational development for the department. Carol recently retired and is now enjoying life with her husband, kids, grandkids and new puppy.

Todd Tinkham

After working as a Continuum coach and creator of the All American Film and Music Festival, Todd is focusing his incredible talent on film making and writing at TinkhamTown Productions.