Appreciative Voice in Turbulent Times

There is nothing more inspiring, and soothing to the soul, than a gathering of conscious people committed to leveraging their individual and collective voices, appreciative voices, for the greater good. And, there is nothing more jarring than reading the headlines about the “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday, in Charlottesville, VA.  The escalated violence and […]

Bridging the Divide

Announcing: Bridging the Divide  Bridging the Divide is a timely endeavor being developed to serve and equip individuals, leaders, communities, organizations and businesses with effective tools, strategies, and dialogues that enable people to more effectively close the gaps that are painfully dividing us. Differences in life are natural.  It is innate in us to come […]

Catch The Curve … The CHANGE Curve

Change Management

I am continually surprised at how much this simple illustration can help us understand change and growth within organizations. It seems that so many of the groups I’m currently working with are challenged with jumping and catching the next curve. Here’s how it works. We begin at the bottom of the S Curve to vision, […]

Mass Collaboration – Rethinking How We Work Together

Team Building

I’ve been doing some thinking around the importance of mass collaboration. In the past we focused on developing people and teams, then the need became, how do we get people to work together across departments within an organization? Our challenge was to eliminate silos. Now … to meet the challenges we currently face, we have […]