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The Challenge

The U.S. immuno-oncology medical affairs team of a multi-national pharmaceutical company are passionate about improving and extending the lives of cancer patients.

To accomplish this ambitious commitment, they must continuously overcome the innate silos within their own business units and improve cross-functional partnerships with others.

Competing priorities, strict regulation and compliance needs, constant changes in the business and friction among silos are just a few of their many challenges.

Continuum Solution

We designed and facilitated a series of One Team of Leaders retreats designed to enable all of the teams and members to function with a "leadership mindset."

Participants engaged in team-building exercises, leadership skill-building, strategic conversations and action planning.

Through these activities, they collectively came to realize they each needed to reach across silos and collaborate on strategies and solutions.


The series of retreats resulted in a two-page, comprehensive One Team of Leaders playbook, which included:

  • Shared core values and core business focus
  • Unifying vision statement
  • One Team of Leaders agreements
  • Positive Core Map outlining collective strengths and assets
  • Six cross-functional project teams to tackle key challenges
  • Accountability plan
  • Personal leadership commitments
  • Strategy for resolving issues along the way
  • Challenges are being mitigated collaboratively by team members instead of being escalated. Functions are aligned with global objectives.

Together, these once-siloed teams are delivering and exceeding product launch expectations, achieving budget targets, working together, trusting and having fun.