Harness the Current

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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

The Challenge

An innovative state agency with ambitious goals struggled with competing internal and external needs, opportunities and priorities.

Continuum Solution

Continuum guided the agency through a multi-phase process to develop a five-year strategic plan, with annual work plans, performance measures and resources aligned to achieve strategic goals.

The process included:

  • Research and discovery to understand the organization’s mission, vision and needs.
  • Focus groups with internal teams to understand their functions, opportunities and desires.
  • Day-long facilitated leadership team retreat to envision the future and identity opportunities and priorities.
  • Vetting of priorities identified by managers with employees and external stakeholders.
  • Articulating five-year strategic goals through a strategic plan brochure to communicate the vision and plan internally to new and existing employees and to the agency’s governing bodies.
  • Development of annual processes that align team and employee work plans, performance measures, reporting and employee communications to support the strategic plan.


Leadership and employees applaud the plan and annual processes for bringing clarity and focus to their work. Importantly, clear deliverables allow the organization to acknowledge and celebrate wins as they accomplish them, boosting morale. Governing bodies have pointed to the plan as model, encouraging others to replicate.