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For the past year at Continuum, we’ve tracked the impact of the pandemic on our client companies, blogging about our conversations with leaders across sectors as they experience their own particular versions of the pandemic’s ‘novel unknown.’ Using our COVID Leadership Model to guide many through the predictable phases of coping with the unpredictable, we have mapped pressure and pain points along with fresh innovations.One area grabbing our attention is the past year’s lopsided impact on women’s employment. Too many women have slid from the workforce, either forced out or surrendering to the impossibility of balancing family needs and job performance in the pressure cooker of the pandemic. We know from our own experience balancing careers and motherhood that it can be challenging even in the best of times and situations.So that’s where we’re starting. Today marks the beginning of Continuum Conversations, offering quick glimpses of what we’re noticing and thinking about during this extraordinary time.Welcome and stay tuned.