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Wendy B. White, CEO and Founder of Continuum Consulting, is one of the first to graduate from the world renowned Judge Business School.

The University of Cambridge Judge Business School is the first in the world to offer an executive certificate program on the Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies.  Over 400 leaders from around the world attended to learn how to measure success through the triple bottom line financial model, redesign supply chains to be more circular, the power of impact investing, and strategies for developing sustainable business models.

Continuum CEO and Founder, Wendy White, is proud to be one of the first graduates from the program.

“I am really excited and proud to be one of the first graduates of the Cambridge Judge Business School’s Executive Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies program!” White says. “I am committed to keeping current on the latest innovations and best practices in sustainable business to best serve our clients.”

Why is a Circular Economy important?

Quite simply, the natural resources required to achieve economic growth and development have been over-exploited. This has led to a negative environment impact, a rise in prices of the resources, and a dwindling supply of resources.

A circular economy offers a way to ensure a more sustainable economic growth model can be achieved and implemented world wide.

Not only does this model help protect the world we live in, but it can also save companies money. For example, according to Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy, “$700 million is the annual material cost savings in the fast-moving consumer goods industry with the implementation of a new circular economy.”

Above all, it helps marry the three dimensions of sustainability: society, environment, and economy. Otherwise known as the Triple Bottom Line.

Wendy B. White (left), strategizing with Continuum Co-Founder Lisa Main

Continuum’s Commitment

Continuum is committed to being the “Go To” consulting firm for organizations who want to position themselves for a more sustainable future and Phase 5: Regeneration stage of the Continuum Leadership Model – Leading the Novel Unknown.

The Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies program equips us to serve you better. We are committed to bringing  cutting edge thought leadership to our clients. It is our goal to allow you to stay ahead of the curve!

The Triple Bottom Line

Listen to Wendy B. White as she details what exactly is the Triple Bottom Line, and why it is important for your business.

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