Corporate Healing

Team Building

Corporate Healing

We live and work in turbulent times. There are things that happen in the workplace that can be very challenging for leaders and teams.

Changes in leadership, downsizing, broken trust, corporate lawsuits, unforeseen tragedy, dysfunctional team relationships and high stress can bring on uncontrollable emotions and inappropriate behaviors. These types of challenges make it difficult for people to focus on their jobs. We would like to say, “just get back to work,” but we know that this is often not possible until people and teams are able to work though the issue, set new directions and rebuild trust and relationships.

We specialize in helping groups navigate through these types of challenges so they are able to refocus on the priorities of the business, and continue to work together in healthier, more productive ways.

So, how do we do it?

Each situation is unique. We custom design the approach to fit individual situations. However, there are some steps that work for us on a regular basis:

Change Management

  1. Gain an understanding of what’s happening. We begin with a one-on-one interview process. This allows us to hear the multiple perspectives and gain a clearer understanding of the current situation. The interview process itself begins the healing process. People feel that they are being heard, and have hope that the process itself will lead to change.
  2. Get the elephant on the table. We prepare a report that highlights the key themes, trends and specific statements that were shared during the interview process. Every attempt is made to keep information confidential and at the same time, get all the information on the table. Once the “elephant” is named, it loses some of its power. When something is said out loud, it becomes easier for the group to talk about.
  3. Time to RETREAT! In situations like these, we need to retreat in order to go forward. We take the team off-site for this 2- to 3- day event. During that time the group is led though a series of conversations and activities designed to foster open and honest communication and gain a better understanding of various perspectives. The group identifies new visions and actions for moving forward along with concrete steps to rebuild team relationships.
  4. Continued support. Sustainable change takes time. We offer continued services including coaching, team development, mediation, stress management and other consulting services designed to help the group move successfully through transitions.

Solutions to your most challenging people situations are just a phone call away. We will be happy to provide specific case studies and references upon request. Contact us today!

Word On The Street

The Continuum Consultants are incredibly insightful, organized and effective. They smoothly facilitated a complex Board retreat that was complicated by a serious political challenge. They listened to what we wanted to accomplish, made thoughtful suggestions, and offered a series of options for the agenda. They brought an amazing spectrum of skills and experience to our group, and had the complete confidence of the 20 Board members from the first moment to the last. They kept us on a track towards our goals, while allowing the flexibility the group needed to feel comfortable. They provided superb advice on matters big and small, and earned my complete trust immediately. I highly recommend them.

James Drinan – Executive Director
American Association of Endodontists