Continuum Consulting Services LLC

“Tips and tools for teams and leaders.”

Continuum leverages a wide range of proven tools and assessments to deeply understand organizational cultures and desires. We use those tools to craft custom engagements that turn dreams into action plans that achieve measurable results.

Here are some of our proprietary tools you can use to create positive change and strengthen your teams and organization.

We also collect and curate resources for you.

Continuum Leadership Model

Our guide to the predictable phases you and your organization will encounter during the pandemic, and with similar evolving crises, so you can deploy the right leadership, team and organizational approach at the right time to yield the best outcome.


Continuum Practical Leadership Tools

Continuum’s Leadership Toolkit Cards reinforce concepts and skills that help leaders and team operate more effectively.

Resources for You

We collect and curate the best of what’s out there in four areas:

  • Leading through Novel Unknowns
  • Resilience and Well-being
  • Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line
  • Attracting, Retaining and Onboarding Employees


Workload Analysis Tool

Continuum’s Workplace Analysis Toolkit is designed to provide both the employee and their manager with a clear line of sight to all work-related activities.