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A New Continuum Partnership for Businesses and Families

March 23, 2022 | Lisa Marie Main

Sometimes, an unexpected gift brings more than we would have dreamed of. Continuum has received such a gift from longtime friend, colleague, and mentor, Steven Vannoy. The News: Steve surprised us by asking Continuum to steward his beloved 10 Greatest Gifts Project (10GG), a 501c3 created on the belief that strong, resilient families are the […]

Continuum Client – Civica – Makes a Big Announcement

March 8, 2022 | Continuum Consulting

Continuum congratulates Civica on its groundbreaking work in transforming the manufacture and distribution of insulin to make it more affordable and available to the many who need it. Civica, a not-for-profit pharmaceutical company founded in 2018 to make quality generic medicines accessible and affordable to everyone, provides a clear example of innovating solutions to big […]

We Didn’t See Love Coming

February 25, 2022 | Wendy B White and Sallie Lee

Love in the Workplace is a trend we didn’t really see coming, but it is something that excites us and aligns with our approach over the past several years. Compassion, appreciation, respect, kindness and, yes, LOVE, are ingredients employees are so hungry for and, we believe, are essential ingredients to our passage through constant waves of disruption.

The Art of Taking the Best Next Step

February 7, 2022 | Wendy B. White

A favorite pastime of mine during the pandemic has been to strap on my boots, pick up my hiking stick and head out into the Blue Ridge mountains with my puppy, Shanti. One of the benefits of living in Asheville, NC, is that the mountains, along with the many rivers and streams, form my extended […]

A Leadership Model for the Times We’ve Living In

January 12, 2022 | Continuum Consulting

Two years ago, as COVID closed in and crippled so many businesses, at Continuum, we started an inquiry into how to accompany our clients through such a potentially devastating time. We considered how to hold the pandemic in a way that might allow us and our clients to make sense of the rapid-fire changes that, yes, felt like waves crashing over us, one after another. The Continuum Leadership Model is the outcome. The Continuum Leadership Model With the new leadership model in hand, we reflected on our own organization and how we were navigating the continual challenges during COVID. We realized that our unfolding model wasn’t just a temporary leadership lens for moving through COVID, but a way we will think about leadership into the future.

A Gift for You: Traveling the Latitude of Gratitude

December 10, 2021 | Continuum Consulting

Gratitude conducts us unfailingly and unflinchingly to the latitude of love, which is, by all accounts of those who know about these things, the mover and shaker of the universe. It’s a great address.  We should all keep a home there. Why is developing our gratitude skill set so important? Gratitude is refreshing Focusing on […]

Squinting into the Future… TOGETHER

October 29, 2021 | Continuum Consulting

I’m 70 years old and have been doing Organizational Development consulting work for about 35 years.  The lead consultant for a project team I’m on now is 29.  It works. Why wouldn’t it? Megatrends:  5Gen A growing trend across industries is the stretching of the employee age band to include five generations working together. It […]

Meet the Team, Kristin Salada

September 24, 2021 | Continuum Consulting

Kristin Salada is based in Denver and specializes in facilitating Executive Team off-sites for small start-up businesses. She grew up south of Denver, but has lived in greater Chicago, greater Boston and near San Francisco as well. Kristin studied abroad in Spain and dreams of training/facilitating in Spanish someday as well. Fun fact: Kristin is also a freelance voice actor for corporate promotional videos, e-learning, company announcements, commercials, and leadership audiobooks!

Continuum Consulting Acquires P4 Consulting

September 20, 2021 | Continuum Consulting

We are expanding! It is with pleasure we announce that Continuum Consulting has acquired P4 Consulting.  The fit between the two companies in terms of focus, culture, management, and curriculum is both similar and complementary.  Having already collaborated for so many years, it makes sense to combine the capabilities and assets of the two companies.  […]

Nuggets of Wisdom from Long-term Experience That Can Help Your Business

August 31, 2021 | Wendy B. White

How meeting a stranger in a car dealership turned into learning valuable words of wisdom that are applicable to finding success in your business.