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Word on the Street

The pandemic has hastened trends toward blended and hybrid work environments, and we hear the new trends aren’t going away. While technology has been quickly adapted, there are clear opportunities to evolve the human element of working and reconsider how we can better connect, communicate and get work done together.

How can we build fruitful working partnerships without the water cooler moments with colleagues? How can we have meaningful team building sessions when we only see each other on a screen?

As the economy opens up more, there will also be plentiful opportunities for talented individuals to opt for new positions where they feel more connected and recognized. Burnout, worry and stress threatening individual well-being are driving a potential talent flight risks, according to our sources, including this Axios research .)

Introducing Continuum Micro-Engagements

What can leaders do? Camaraderie and engagement across systems are too important to leave to chance right now. This is a critical time to focus on developing employee-to-employee relationships and overall well-being.

Continuum’s Micro-Engagements provide the opportunity to connect up and energize individuals and teams virtually in quick, yet impactful, bursts.  

These 45-to-90-minute engagements targeted for a virtually connected workforce span three key categories of focus: 

  • Cultivating camaraderie – Games and team development activities infuse connection, bringing laughter and energy back into teams.
  • Building capabilities – Interactive training spots upgrade team and individual capabilities.
  • Enhancing well-being – Immersive sessions enrich individual, family, team and leadership well-being.

Each category has modules that can be offered as standalone options or packaged to form more in-depth initiatives. Learn more about these easy-to-access programs and why they’re important HERE.

High connection in short doses goes a long way toward easing employee transitions into new ways of working.