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You know that Continuum is always looking for ways to give back. In 2020, our co-founder, Wendy White launched LET’S CHOOSE LOVE, a social movement designed to spread love, positivity and change by helping you fund your give-back dreams.

Mark Your Calendars

Join us on May 19th at the WNC Outdoor Collective in Black Mountain to hear Let’s Choose Love (LCL) Grant recipient Dan Miller debut his latest song and you’ll have an opportunity to apply for a mini-grant for your favorite dream project.

Start practicing in the shower to sing along…and think of what loving project you long to have funded: you know–the kind that does good in and for the world—something small that might have a big impact.  See below for some ideas of what some others have done with the juicy mini-grants that Continuum loves to fund.

The Let’s Choose Love Mini-Grant is an opportunity for you to find your voice, identify the gift you have to bring to the world, find the passion of your calling, and take action on it.

Mini-grant recipient Dan Miller has a deep passion for using song to bring joy to others. He applied for a mini-grant to write a song encouraging people to find their passion and talent and use it to extend their love in the world. This event will be his new song’s debut. Here’s what he says about it:

“If I have a pint of ice cream and I eat it all, then that creates a certain amount of goodness in the world, but if I share that ice cream with someone else, it doubles the amount of goodness! Music and love are like that, too, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share these things with my community.”

Let’s Choose Love (LCL) Anniversary

This month marks the anniversary of LCL’s first grant application, given to a wonderful organization called Tarpestry who make outdoor blankets and decorative tarps for our outdoor lives. They wanted to clean up their piece of the Watauga River that runs through the western North Carolina mountains near Boone and so used their mini-grant to create a river clean up event, complete with trash collection materials and live music.

Since then, Let’s Choose Love has given out eight more mini-grants and wants to more than double that this year.

Need some ideas? Check out our website:

Your Give-Back Dreams: Find Your Passion and Joy

You can apply right on the spot at our celebration on the 19th for your own passion-stoked mini-grant.

We’ll be hosting a fun pitch competition during the break between song sets to award $500, $750 or $1000 mini-grants. All grants come with a Continuum Consulting business coach, who will be volunteering their time to help you get the most from your grant. To access the grant application visit:

It’s your choice—let’s choose love.

Event Information

Where: The WNC Outdoor Collective
Black Mountain Ave, Black Mountain, NC 28711
When: Thursday, May 19th – 5:30-7:30
5:00– Gathering;
5:30–Opening Set
6:15– Break and LCL Mini Grant Pitches
6:45–Second Set


Every day when I wake up another chance to make up

My mind how I’m showing up today

Did I come here to win or did I come here to play

Deep down in my positive core I’ve got more

I’ve got these gifts you cannot buy at the store

I wanna share it but I’ve got this fear that it ends 

With being judged and making enemies when I set out to make friends.

Chorus: Let’s Choose Love

This is the time to leave the fear behind and be who you were born to be

This is the time to let your light shine and share your gifts with your community

I envision a world where love rules

I envision a world where the lines that divide us 

Are washed away by the love that’s deep down inside us

So think for moment how about what you have to give

A lifetime worth of lessons can you teach me how to live?

Or maybe clean up a river, make community art, cook up a meal, whatever you feel

As long as you feel it from the bottom of your heart.

This is the time to leave the fear behind and be who you were born to be

This is the time to let your light shine and share your gifts with your community

Chorus: Let’s Choose Love

The challenges that we face might seem insurmountable 

But like the starfish story our impact is countable 

We believe it’s possible, If we choose to break through

Our fear and come together to create something new

Inspired by love, we can make the difference in our sphere

Just need the courage to explore your reason for being here

So bring your gifts and your passion, and get on the bus

Cause you know we love love and baby, love loves us!