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Since Continuum was founded in 1995, we have been dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work. From the beginning, we measured our success as a company by the Triple Bottom Line of making a positive impact on people, planet and profit. 

In December, we shared a blog that outlined the challenge of keeping our Give-Back commitment during the pandemic.  We were focused on reinventing ourselves and ensuring we continue to meet payroll obligations. In the end, we decided that living our values was as important as increasing our financial security, so we took the leap and dedicated 5% of all Continuum’s gross sales to our Give-Back fund.  Aligning our values to our strategic decisions not only paid out in increased profits, but in April, we were able to donate $12,000 and became a proud sponsor of the Let’s Choose Love Mini-Grants.

What is Let’s Choose Love?

Let’s Choose Love (LCL) is a social movement created by Continuum co-founder Wendy B. White to serve as a forum for sharing ideas, resources, new philosophies and stories that challenge, stretch and inspire us to expand our thinking and possibilities. We recently launched the LCL Mini-Grant Initiative to provide springboards for funding small passion projects that give back to the world.

Over the years, we’ve found that so many people have great ideas on how they can improve their communities and positively impact the issues they care about. However, their greatest barriers to actually implementing their ideas turn out to be accessing capital and understanding the steps needed to translate their ideas into action. As we invite people to extend their love into the world, we also want to find a way to break through those barriers and inspire people to step up and take action!

We want to fund your give-back dreams!

We are pleased to announce that the first round of Mini-Grants will be sponsored by Continuum Consulting. The $500, $750 and $1,000 grants come with coaching by a Continuum consultant, who will partner with the recipient to build skills, confidence and a plan to ensure the ideas come to fruition.

Individuals or groups may apply for any project, on any topic (hunger, children, arts, environment, etc.) that does good in the world. Please help us spread the word!

For more information on the LCL Mini-Grants, or to complete an application click here!

Wendy B. White is co-founder and partner with Continuum Consulting Services. She recently launched “Let’s Choose Love,” a social movement that provides a forum for sharing ideas, resources, new philosophies and stories that she hopes will challenge, stretch and inspire us to expand our thinking and possibilities for the future.