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One of the reasons Continuum Consulting is successful is because we are lucky enough to work with the very best consultants and collaborators. By working as a team, we are able to provide highly customized client experiences that move the needle and make transformations stick.

This is the second in our series to introduce you to just who these movers and shakers are, and what makes them tick. Read the first one, on Sallie Lee, here.

Peter Stolze PhD, MBA Consultant and EU Office Contact at Continuum Consulting Services

Germany based Peter Stolze resides Berlin, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and grew up surrounded by lakes, pine forest and other historical landmarks like the Woerlitz-Dessau Garden Realm. Always with the focus to go international, Peter studied in several countries and discovered his love for meeting and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds on the base of mutual respect and trust. His professional focus is International / Intercultural and Strategic Management and Leadership Models.

“This world is full of inspiration. Both directions. It’s rewarding to make the difference in people’s live and to facilitate organizational success. And – growing by this myself.”

How Did You Find Continuum?

First, I had common projects with Lisa Marie Main and then met with Wendy heading for projects for Inter Alia in France and Germany. I’ve always wanted to build partnerships and to develop organizations, in both material and emotional ways.

Why Have You Chosen This Field Of Work?

I enjoy the great feeling of having friends and partners in many places of the world that not only remember you well, but are always ready to turn the next page together with me.

Are you a Dog or Cat Person?

Definitely cats!!!

What do you Love to do to Relax and Unwind?

I have been playing in several bands and ensembles at camp fires all the way to big stages. I think I will always play my Fender, Takamine , Weltmeister Akkordeon and sing.

What Lights You Up?

Protecting the clean environment of our lakes so that generations to come may swim there as well, like my (grand) daughters and son(s).

Peter playing his Fender.


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