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One of the reasons Continuum Consulting is successful is because we are lucky enough to work with the very best consultants and collaborators. By working as a team, we are able to provide highly customized client experiences that move the needle and make transformations stick.

This is the beginning of our series to introduce you to just who these movers and shakers are, and what makes them tick.

Sallie Lee, Consultant at Continuum Consulting Services

Sallie Lee grew up in, and is currently based, in Asheville, NC, although she’s enjoyed living in Sydney, Bogota, Medellin, New York, Miami and Raleigh along the way. Her focus is organizational design and development:

“I do best as a strategic thinking partner for organizations, bringing strength-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry.”

How Did You Find Continuum?

I trained one of Continuum’s founders, Wendy White, in the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry about twenty years ago, and we have been friends and colleagues ever since. During their current growth spurt, they asked me to join their team.

Why Have You Chosen This Field Of Work?

There was no clear choice; it just unfolded. I found out that I was a big picture thinker about organizational strategy and development and that I enjoyed being part of organizational journeys. Then, Appreciative Inquiry [AI] found me and provided a new, strength-based and powerful approach to my work, and I have never looked back.

I’ve trained more than 2000 people in AI and found the global community of AI practitioners to be beyond my expectations. I love the constant challenges and learning — it’s never dull — and most of the time, it makes a difference to the clients.

Do You Prefer The Mountains or the Beach?

I prefer mountains that border the ocean! So mountains AND ocean.

What Do You Love to do to Relax and Unwind?

Garden, read, hike in these amazing mountains. Work on my endless novel about the years I lived in Colombia during the days of the Medellin Cartel. I love to travel and spend long chunks of time in my destinations — I’ve spent more than a year over time in each of these countries: France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Colombia, and I am happy to go back to them any time I can.

I also have a side hustle of collecting and selling vintage tableware, artisan textiles and art from around the world on Etsy. I love meeting the makers. Have traveled in about 30 countries all together, and it has made me fiercely love this planet and its creatures. Not at all interested in space travel.

What Lights You Up?

I want all species to have a place in our human-dominated world, so that’s where my contributions go — I want elephants and turtles and tigers to outlive me.


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Sallie also leads our The Practice of Appreciative Inquiry course.

“Have you ever stumbled across something that turned your world around? That’s what the odd-sounding philosophy and methodology called APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY did for me. And, it’s available to you, too.

In late 1996, my friend and colleague Ravi Pradhan called me late one night from the Albuquerque airport saying that he had just attended a four-day workshop on something called Appreciative Inquiry [AI]. The instructor, Dr. David Cooperrider, was a professor of Organizational Development [OD] at Weatherhead School of Management within Case Western Reserve University [CWRU]. This is it!” Ravi said. “This is what we have been looking for.”