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Pamela Black heads the Georgia office of Continuum Consulting Services. She is an international facilitator, trainer and coach, combining skills from her strong and varied background to specialize in leadership, organizational effectiveness and management coaching.

Pamela spent 20 years in corporate operations, training, sales and customer relationship management roles, working with startups and Fortune 500 companies spanning manufacturing, retail operations and technology. She experienced a successful IPO and two mergers. She founded EF Consulting in 2000 and began her partnership with Continuum in 2003. Clients in Africa, Canada, Europe and the United States have benefited from her energizing and forthright style of Pamela’s work and passion for individual continuous improvement.

Pamela is a member of the Experiential Based Training and Development Alliance, serves on the board of directors of the Georgia Cancer Help Program and has been certified to facilitate the Certificate in Leadership© of Drake & Associates (originally created for Duke University), Verus Global’s Pathways To Leadership Process®, Myers-Briggs and a number of 360 and multi-rater assessment systems.

She has written and recorded workbooks and CDs for corporate transitions, stress management and goal attainment. She co-authored Continuum’s Leadership Essentials© modular series designed for management and leadership skills attainment.

Pamela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and numerous post-graduate certifications, including coursework for client projects spanning topics from arson investigation to endangered species reintroduction to global cap-and-trade policies for methyl bromide replacement.

She finds balance in family, travel and hiking, gardening, teaching forgiveness classes and volunteering for pet rescue organizations.