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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

“We partner with leaders doing good in the world and equip them to do it better.”

Executive coaching has become an accepted, often expected, practice for leaders in many companies.

The more responsibility leaders hold and higher they climb, the lonelier it can be and more complex the issues become.

Continuum coaches have been coaching executives since before coaching became a profession.

Is your goal to improve performance? Do you need a wise consultant who can assist you with finding creative options to increasing challenges? Do you need a confidential sounding board to express your deepest concerns, challenges, hopes and visions? Are you looking for a strategic partner whose central interest is your success?

Continuum coaching may be the answer you seek.

How It Works

Continuum coaches take a wholistic, targeted approach, tailoring four-to twelve-month coaching partnerships to align with the needs of the coachee.

Our very clear process incorporates stakeholder feedback, assessment instruments and common-sense leadership tools so you can develop greater emotional intelligence, resilience, interpersonal skills and enhanced leadership competencies.

Most importantly Continuum coaches support the transference of knowledge and insights into applied behavioral action where it matters most.

Our approach includes:

  • Consulting – A trusted thought partner who can offer best practices and often industry-specific knowledge.
  • Coaching – A sounding board, cheerleader and accountability partner who’ll ask provocative questions, listen deeply and meet the leader’s need to process and be present for others.
  • Capability Building – A toolbox full of common-sense methods and models that equip leaders to lead at their best. Continuum offers cutting-edge articles, books, TED Talks, leadership tools and other resources and best practices to broaden coachee knowledge and ability to make more informed decisions.

Why It Works

Continuum coaches are fully committed to your success. They provide consistent, honest and real-time feedback delivered firmly and compassionately with backbone and heart.

Expand your leadership capacity and ensure a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization.

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