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Continuum Consulting Services LLC


Continuum’s dynamic experiential retreats provide teams the opportunity for rich, shared experiences that foster honest conversations, strengthen team dynamics, harmonize working relationships and build communication, collaboration and trust.

Whether the focus is team building or strategic planning, each retreat is unique and tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

How It Works

We first gain an understanding of team dynamics and the client’s desired outcomes through interviews and surveys.

We then customize a highly interactive retreat that often includes experiential exercises, personality assessments, skill-building tools and plenty of interactive dialogue.

Continuum retreats are perfect for:

  • New leader onboarding and launching new teams.
  • Strengthening existing teams and building trust.
  • Building cross-functional partnerships between teams and departments.
  • Annual planning retreats to enhance relationships and align on strategy.

Why It Works

Continuum retreats activate the potential of your people. Participants leave the retreat feeling inspired and committed with action plans in hand, equipped with tools and processes to ensure sustained results.

Continuum Retreats feature:

  • Experiential exercises inviting participants to embody healthy team dynamics.
  • Graphic recording that captures the words and essence in colorful images to be reviewed for years to come.
  • Common sense leadership tools that are easy to apply during and after the retreat to ensure sustained results.
  • Enrichment with keynote and motivational speakers.

We bring 30 years of experience designing and facilitating unique and dynamic retreats customized for your needs.

Our promise: We deliver your meeting objectives and exceed your expectations – guaranteed.