Jump Ahead of the Curve

Access Continuum’s COVID response toolkit for leaders, teams and organizations

Continuum Consulting Services LLC

"Bring your best self to navigate the unknown."

Leading your organization through the pandemic may be the greatest challenge of your career.

How you lead and the decisions you make will define – or redefine – your leadership now and in the future.

Continuum COVID-19 Targeted Coaching provides six coaching sessions that guide mid- and executive-level leaders through the predictable phases and challenges this crisis will bring.

A supportive coaching partnership offers a continuous stream of new information and best practices, an experienced thought partner to assist in critical decision making and support for processing emotions so leaders can support others.

How It Works

We match each leader with a highly skilled Continuum coach/consultant.

Each coach brings industry-specific knowledge and more than 20 years of corporate consulting experience, specializing in change management and leadership, team and organizational development.

You receive three key services:

  • Consulting – A trusted thought partner, offering industry-specific knowledge plus best practices for making decisions, strategizing and leading through disruptive circumstances.
  • Coaching – A sounding board, cheerleader and accountability partner who’ll ask provocative questions, listen deeply and meet the leader’s need to process and be present for others.
  • Capability Building – A toolbox full of common-sense methods that equip leaders to lead at their best. Continuum curates the flood of COVID-19 information and captures resources and best practices to inform decision making.

Why It Works

Continuum applies its COVID Leadership Model to support leaders in assessing where they are and leverage tools and strategies for navigating each phase.