Harness the Current

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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

Culture, engagement and talent retention are the most important factors for outperforming competition.

Continuum partners with clients to assess current cultural dynamics and provide custom tools and strategies to create a strong, enduring culture that supports meaningful employee engagement and inspires an empowered work force.

How It Works

Our three-pronged approach digs deep to understand your culture, identify needed improvements and co-create action plans that get results.

Step One: Benchmarking Assessments
We can leverage your existing employee engagement survey or custom design one that works for you. It starts with gaining an understanding of the strengths and areas of development for your organization.

Step Two: Bridging the Gap between Survey Results and Recommendations
Survey results are a starting point for conversation. We facilitate focus groups answering a series of forward-focused questions to gain a better understanding of what people really want and collect their recommendations for how to move the needle on results. Focus groups influence the action play by identifying what is in the leader’s, team’s and department’s power and control to change.

Step Three: Co-creating Actions that Move the Needle
Leaders receive a detailed, qualitative feedback report and specific recommendations for how to make improvements. Continuum Consultants partner with the senior leader to create an action plan that addresses the real issues and ultimately improves the culture. Together, we drive change and accountability throughout the organization.

Why It Works

Continuum’s employee engagement process has been proven to continually move the needle on survey results and create cultures with:

  • Feedback – Employees are encouraged to continually share great ideas and feedback for improvement.
  • Empowerment and Accountability – The norm is everyone responsible for taking actions that create a thriving culture vs. an environment where employees provide feedback to leadership and believe it is leaders' jobs to create change.
  • Forward-focused Dialogue and Action – Positive change that occurs when people learn from the past and focus on what they really want and desire in the future – what will work vs. what does not work.