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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

"Connect. Collaborate. Change your world."

Tackling issues like reinventing healthcare, finding solutions for climate change, redesigning our education system or rebuilding communities after COVID-19 can feel insurmountable.

We need breakthrough solutions and innovative processes to get there.

Continuum designs, facilitates, captures and analyzes these conversations that matter.

How It Works

FutureWave Summits bring diverse people from multi-sectors together to dialogue, discover solutions and identify actions that can address sweeping challenges of today.

We leverage the diversity of perspectives and tap into the collective genius to generate visions for the future that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

The result: breakthrough ideas and systemic solutions.

We specialize in both in-house and multi-sector, large-scale engagements (10-10,000 participants). Our fun, interactive and engaging summits guide you toward clear, strategic outcomes.

Why It Works

FutureWave consultants use a wide range of meeting processes to custom design multi-faceted summit experiences.

Let us partner with your internal team or provide a turnkey program that includes:

  • Appreciative Inquiry and Future Search processes
  • Possibility Cafés and Open Space
  • Virtual technology that engages those unable to attend in person
  • Real-time information capture through storytelling, one-on-one interviews, polling, strategic illustration, video/digital filming and live-build of a social networking platform
  • Experiential team building and recreational activities
  • Cultivating the collective leadership and building collaborative relationships
  • Intentional learning environments