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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

Attracting and retaining top talent continues to be the most significant and costly challenge for most companies.

Onboarding of new leaders plays a critical role in their success and in maximizing return on the company's investment.

Leaders who believe their onboarding was highly effective claim to be 18 times more likely to remain highly committed to their organization, and 89% say they felt successfully integrated into the culture. (

Continuum’s proven process accelerates onboarding, effectively integrating new leaders into their teams to minimize lost productivity and improve both leader and team performance.

How It Works

Our five-step process uses inquiry and facilitated meetings to capture and honor the needs and perspectives of the new leader, team and key stakeholders.

Step One: We meet with the new leader, review the onboarding process and develop questions the leader would like to ask their team.

Step Two: Solicit team and stakeholder feedback through a one-hour virtual team meeting, stakeholder interviews and surveys.

Step Three: Meet with the new leader, review the feedback and prepare for the team discussion.

Step Four: A team and leader “Fireside Chat” discussion reviews feedback, answers team questions, generates team agreements and provides an opportunity for teams and leader to get to know each other and build trust. (This may be accomplished in a live retreat or series of interactive virtual discussions).

Step Five: Meet with the leader to debrief the process and discuss next steps.

Continuum’s New Leader Onboarding process often includes ongoing executive coaching to ensure team cohesion and productivity is sustained.

Onboarding may be conducted live and has also been adapted for virtual work environments.

Why It Works

Continuum’s comprehensive New Leader Onboarding process creates alignment, trust and team agreements.

This enables leaders and teams to form bonds at a higher and faster rate, setting a solid foundation for individual and collective success.