Harness the Current

Access Continuum’s Leadership Model for leading through novel unknowns

Continuum Consulting Services LLC

Organizational success depends on stakeholders and partners coming to the table with enterprise mindsets and cross-functional collaboration skills.

But back-to-back meetings and deadlines take precedence over building the collaborative relationships so critical to solving today’s complex organizational challenges.

One Team of Leaders, a multi-faceted initiative ideal for matrixed organizations and cross-functional teams, empowers partners, departments, and stakeholders to coalesce into “one team” that operates with a leadership mindset.

The result is strategic alignment and a natural inclination to “reach across the silo” to leverage the talent required to overcome organizational challenges and deliver results together.

How It Works

Custom-designed One Team of Leaders engagements include options from a slate of features.

We start with a Continuum Climate Study using surveys and interviews to explore organizational dynamics, surface core needs and challenges, build trust and rapport, and collect information used to design a retreat and process that will deliver maximum impact.

We then design and facilitate a Continuum Retreat to build cross-functional team cohesion and leverage team strengths to surface solutions.

During the retreat, participants learn applicable leadership tools, rally around three to four organizational challenges; design action plans; and co-create partnering agreements needed to deliver the plan. Action planning teams often stay together following the retreat to ensure implementation.

Why It Works

Engagement, empowerment and a paradigm shift make One Team of Leaders work every time.

Gone are the days when problems and decisions could be pushed up to senior leaders to solve. Today, success requires a mental shift in how individual team members think and work together, from “It’s not my problem to solve” to “I own this problem to solve.”

Everyone is a leader in his/her/their area of influence, regardless of position.

When the team adopts a leadership mindset that drives every interaction every day, positive change results. Not only does a culture of proactive leadership emerge but new lines of communication are established, and alignment, trust and commitment are enhanced.