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We love meetings and retreats. After experiencing one of ours, you will, too! Best of all, they’ll get you where you need to be.

Continuum draws on its roots delivering custom adventure experiences to offer fun and highly interactive meetings, retreats and summits that encourage full engagement and drive to your outcomes.

We start by understanding your needs. We collaborate to define your objectives. We design customized experiences that achieve them.

Call on Continuum to design and facilitate strategic planning, mission and vision development, group and community dialogues, team retreats, mediations and focus groups – or energize your next virtual staff meeting. 

Case Study: Learn how Continuum helped an AstraZeneca team break down silos to extend the lives of cancer patients

Retreats & Meeting Facilitation Programs

Team Building Retreats

Foster honest conversations, strengthen team dynamics, harmonize working relationships and build communication, collaboration and trust through Continuum’s dynamic experiential retreats for teams.

Micro Engagements

Overcome hurdles of working in a virtual environment with fun micro-engagements meant to enhance camaraderie, capabilities and well-being among individuals and teams.

Continuum Retreats

Our unique retreats are tailored to objectives for leaders, teams and organizations.

FutureWave Summits

Ideate and design the future of your organization or initiative using our large-scale (10-1,000 people), multi-day events that guide your group toward pre-established outcomes.

PossiblyNOW Events

Breathe new life into your conferences or community with our three-to-eight-hour events that engage participants in conversation and discovery around a single topic of focus.

Bridging the Divide

These highly interactive and reflective engagements use dialog and skill-building to enable individuals, communities and organizations to close the gaps that divide them and move forward together better. 

Systemic Solutions

Facilitate positive change in human systems and illuminate solutions to problems that seem impossible to solve through organizational systemic constellation work and Appreciative Inquiry.