Harness the Current

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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

"Dissolve dysfunction. Move forward together better."

Continuum specializes in the human side of change and growth.

We create experiences that foster authentic conversations, strengthen team bonds, harmonize working relationships and build communication, collaboration and trust.

Whether you are experiencing mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing, launching or relaunching teams, we ensure your company values move from posters on walls to behaviors in action so that your company culture is healthy, engagement is high, employees are empowered and team performance thrives.

Throughout this work, we look for both patterns of strength and barriers that get in the way. Through crucial conversations and somatic exercises, we get to the heart of issues, transform dysfunction into strength and surface practical solutions to move forward.

Call on Continuum for support leading change and transition, healing after disruption and enriching cross-functional team collaboration.

Case Study: Learn how Continuum enabled one company to move the needle on employee engagement after years of effort with no result.

Team and Culture Building Programs

Culture and Employee Engagement

Build a strong, enduring culture that supports meaningful employee engagement and inspires an empowered work force.  

Team Building Retreats

Foster honest conversations, strengthen team dynamics, harmonize working relationships and build communication, collaboration and trust through Continuum’s dynamic experiential retreats for teams.

One Team of Leaders

Empower partners, groups and stakeholders to coalesce into “one team” that leverages talent and reaches across silos to deliver results.

Micro Engagements

Overcome hurdles of working in a virtual environment with fun micro-engagements meant to enhance camaraderie, capabilities and well-being among individuals and teams.