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Access Continuum’s Leadership Model for leading through novel unknowns

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"Predictable phases for managing a novel unknown."

Our guide to the predictable phases you and your organization will encounter during internal/external crises or other novel unknowns, so you can deploy the right leadership, team and organizational approach at the right time to yield the best outcome.

Leading your organization through the pandemic may have been the greatest challenge of your career.

Few, if any, business recovery and continuity plans accounted for a global pandemic such as COVID-19. The breadth, scale, and long-term impacts of this or similar threats and crises evolve over time and can be categorized into phases that move along a continuum of intensity into the next new normal.

How you lead and the decisions you make during the evolving phases of a major interrupter, or novel unknown, will define – or redefine – your leadership now and in the future.

Try on this Continuum Leadership Model and ready yourselves for larger cascading, complex events on the horizon. We stand ready, as always, with leadership, team and organizational resources to support you along the way.

The Continuum Leadership Model is your map and the Continuum team can be your guide.

What’s Available to You Now

Don’t wait for the next crisis to overtake your organization. We have programs available right now to prepare you.

Tap into our live virtual trainings on navigating novel unknowns. You and your team will emerge better prepared to understand and manage the phases of any crisis or novel unknown, overseeing the implications for operations, employee well-being, and ongoing resilience.

We also provide customized Consulting, Coaching and Capability Building programs and toolkits.