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Access Continuum’s Leadership Model for leading through novel unknowns

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Continuum’s Leadership Toolkit Cards are a fun way for employees to internalize and remember key concepts and steps for developing mindsets and behaviors that strengthen communication, personal interactions and focus – all critical skills for leading effectively and resolving conflict.

Here are a few of our favorites.  

Cover the Bases Video

When having conversations or making presentations, be sure you “cover the bases” – touch on what’s important, why it is important (context), how you want to move forward and who is accountable.

To build healthy, honest relationships, the SMASH the Brick tool provides five steps that assist people in identifying and communicating potential areas of conflict before it becomes a big problem.

It is a fact: what you focus on expands. Where the focus goes, energy flows. Developing a leadership mindset to focus on solutions, what you want to have happen and where you want to go, is essential to personal, team and organizational success.

Leverage the Flip It! tool to shift conversations from complaining and blaming to more positive and generative discussions that leads to solutions.