Harness the Current

Access Continuum’s Leadership Model for leading through novel unknowns

Continuum Consulting Services LLC

We've designed this toolkit to provide both the employee and their manager with a clear line of sight to all work-related activities. The tool is a simple one: capture the major work activities, bucket them by type of work and then prioritize. It works beautifully in deciding what’s important and where any blocks are, creating vital conversations to streamline workflows, clear up misunderstandings and reset everyone on the same page. Use the tool for the situations like the ones below:

  1. Having critical strategic conversations between managers and their employees to calibrate the work currently being done against the most important priorities, adjusting as needed.
  2. Keeping clear alignment with remote workers, given their lack of regular access to informal conversations in hallways and offices or water cooler chat that might alert them to changing priorities and opportunities. 
  3. Increasing visibility of projects and activities for a particular role when onboarding a new employee, so that everyone around them is aware of the status and responsibilities. 
  4. Increasing awareness of team’s work-stream overlap, redundant efforts and the potential to streamline dependent and interdependent work.