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The air was fresh, the sun was bright, and snow crunched underfoot as my dear friend and mentor, Steven Vannoy, and I set out on one of our cherished hikes along the foothills near Red Rocks Park in Colorado.

We hiked and laughed and talked about life and our families and, as is often the case these days, the conversation turned toward the global pandemic. Yet, instead of the common, often cumbersome, conversation related to illness and vaccines, Steve delighted me, as he consistently does, with a different question. He paused mid-step, turned to me and said, “I bet your business is thriving while many others are struggling during COVID. What do you think has made Continuum so successful?”

He was right; Continuum is thriving. Despite uncertain conditions, we are serving our clients in meaningful ways and experiencing unprecedented growth, all the while having the time of our lives. I could have offered the patented answer to his question, “Yes, we have an aspirational vision and mission as well as fantastic people working with us,” all of which is true. Yet, I knew there was more depth to be shared, which unfolded in our conversation as we continued hiking.

  1. Healthy Relationships
    First and foremost, for Wendy and me as co-founders and owners, the health and functionality of our relationship is foundational. It is not always easy; we intentionally work at it. From the beginning in 1995, we promised each other that our friendship would always come first. When we experience tension or conflict, we address it right away, as uncomfortable as it may be, using one of our Continuum Leadership Tools called “SMASH the Brick” to clear the way forward. It has paid off to smash one brick at a time rather than having to tear down an entire wall that has built up.
  1. Passionate Purpose
    Our company is purpose driven. Sitting around Wendy’s dining room table twenty-six years ago, we wrote on a paper napkin, “We are committed to making a meaningful and profound difference in the world.” That purpose has taken on various shapes and been delivered in many forms, yet the essence remains the same. So, on March 16, 2020, when we realized the majority of our clients were moving toward conducting business online, we promised to take what we do really well and be great at it virtually. We invested time, energy and resources along a steep learning curve so that we could continue to fulfill our purpose, not just stay in business.
  1. Courage
    We have the courage and willingness to live on the edge of what is emerging and face the novel unknowns with faith that we can figure it out as we go. We have created new leadership models, teamed with clients as they faced situations none of us expected, and overcome fears as we posted our reflections and experiences in a new Continuum Insights blog series.
  1. Reinvention: Refresh, Renew and Regenerate
    Receiving PPP funds allowed us to invest in ourselves and hire others to refresh our brand, renew our website, reinvent how we do business virtually, and position ourselves as the   go-to consultants for our clients to incorporate more regenerative and sustainable business practices.
  1. Innovation
    COVID afforded us the time to be creative and ask what we and our clients needed to lead through a significant ‘novel unknown.’ This resulted in the creation of the Continuum COVID Leadership Model for leaders and teams to understand where they are in times of uncertainty. The ‘RegenerativeLeader’ philosophy was also birthed, inspiring leaders during this time to engage and empower their people in ways that enrich both their work and personal lives rather than expecting them to do more with less. The old extraction leadership model is giving way to a more regenerative one, creating environments where people feel valued, engaged, energized, able, and willing to contribute in more effective ways.
  1. Living Our Values
    One of our core values is ‘Continuum Gives Back.’ We donate 5% of gross revenue, no matter what. In 2020, despite financial uncertainties, we made sizeable donations to local organizations providing food and shelter to those in need. By the end of Q1, 2021, we more than tripled our Give Back Fund, $12,000 of which was donated to sponsor Continuum Mini-Grants, provided through Wendy’s community initiative, Let’s Choose Love. Grant recipients receive up to $1000 and the support of a Continuum consultant to make their dreams of giving back to their communities a reality.

To learn more about Let’s Choose Love Mini-Grants or how to build a regenerative organization, please visit Let’s Choose Love. or contact us for a complimentary consultation. Note:  Steven Vannoy is the award-winning author of The Ten Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, and the founder of The Ten Greatest Gifts Project, a Continuum partner in our efforts to promote one of our favorite themes, “Families as the Ultimate Team.”

Lisa Marie Main, co-founder and partner for Continuum Consulting Services, is an accomplished leader, trainer, consultant, executive coach and facilitator of interactions that lead to alignment and results-based action for business and organizational leaders around the world.