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Continuum Consulting Services LLC

Leadership Development & Coaching

“I would not be anywhere close to where I am in my career now if it wasn’t for the coaching I have received from Lisa Marie over the years. She has helped shift the paradigm, which I see my organization in, our challenges and opportunities, and how I can play a much more progressive role in shaping the cultures which I influence.”

Michael A. Hughes
President and Chief Operating Office
Elevation Labs

“I just wanted to thank you for making a positive impact on my life with the coaching you gave me many years ago. I still think about our conversations. I apply the “Wendy White” to many things in my life and have shared my insights with many friends.”


“I know you just gave me some really difficult feedback. It’s like I was hit over the head with a 2×4 but I feel like I’ve just been hugged. How did you do that?”

Duke University

Team & Culture Building

“Continuum has provided valued and trusted guidance to our Site Leadership Team to enable both our team and the site to perform at the high levels in which we are performing today. She has been with us – side by side – throughout our journey, from before we broke ground on our manufacturing site until we sold the business, and for that we are grateful.”

Dan Moskey
Director, Project Management
Novartis – Holly Springs

Strategic Planning

“As the Women’s Leadership Council at United Way began thinking about a strategic planning retreat, we knew that we did not want to do the same old thing. If we were going to ask women to commit a half day, it needed to be inspiring, engaging, insightful, productive and fun. Well, what can I say – it was all that and more! By incorporating the “dare to dream” component into the retreat, we achieved a result far better than we anticipated. The WLC is now positioned on the cutting edge to accomplish some rather daring activities. Thank you Continuum, for dreaming with us!”

Linda Tuday
United Way of the Greater Triangle
Women’s Leadership Council Manager

“Continuum engaged us in rigorous dialogue and interactions during the retreat, resulting in our very first strategic plan. They masterfully led and supported us through the co-creation process, generating a variety of possibilities and then helped us synthesize it all into our Bold Steps Plan. We could not believe how much we accomplished in such a short time and how much fun we had doing it. The strategic plan has afforded us growth, profitability and deep fulfillment. Thanks Continuum!”

Chief Operating Officer
Global Leadership Development Firm

Retreats & Meeting Facilitation

“The Continuum Consultants are incredibly insightful, organized and effective. They smoothly facilitated a complex board retreat that was complicated by a serious political challenge. They listened to what we wanted to accomplish, made thoughtful suggestions and offered a series of options for the agenda. They brought an amazing spectrum of skills and experience to our group and had the complete confidence of the 20 board members from the first moment to the last. They kept us on a track towards our goals, while allowing the flexibility the group needed to feel comfortable. They provided superb advice on matters big and small, and earned my complete trust immediately. I highly recommend them.”

James Drinan
Executive Director
American Association of Endodontists